Our Mission

Since 2010, we’ve helped families grow nutritious foods, attain clean water, build schools and realize self-independence from farming and selling the moringa plant under Fair Trade conditions. It should come as no surprise that women with children, living on the margins in their communities lead the requests for new farms.

Our mission is to build a strong awareness of moringa oleifera in the U.S. to support an accelelrated pace of grower development through better technology and infrastructure- plus, make the amazing benefits of moringa blend available for your family’s enjoyment for years to come.

Serve Someone

Betty Mitchell, FDM

As the seventh of 12 children, growing up on a farm in rural Arkansas during the turbulent 1960s meant that your “health plan” comprises home remedies. As a kid, working along side her uncle Dr. Ulysses Hunter (Uncle Ben)—a physics professor on weekdays and ethno botanist on weekends—Betty learned the efficacy of creating remedies from leaves, roots and trees.

After some three decades of navigating a successful but ultimately unfulfilling career, she sought out her joy—which led Betty back to Uncle Ben and the art of herbal compounding.

Since, she has used her extensive training in herbalism to help others—especially those who are not able to help themselves. At age 50, learning that $200 was creating sustainable economies for families farming moringa trees in developing communities—where farming proceeds were improving nutrition, attaining clean water, building schools, churches and financial safety nets—she realized she was “home,” with no time to waste. So Betty repurposed her life and created LIVEADE FOODS. It’s what AARP calls a ‘second act.’”

Sustainable Health Solutions

Moringa oleifera represents the first viable solution to the global food crisis. The trees reproduce quickly, and require very little water or space. And in developing communities, where access to clean water sources are limited, our lab was asked to create a more sustainable and efficient delivery system for moringa powder that would:

  • Maintain the super dense nutritional benefits
  • Mix well and taste good
  • Use minimal water
  • Appeal to adults and children
  • Easily transport into neighboring communities
  • Store well until needed

It took 10 months and dozens of compounds before we had the formula we were to call moringa blend. We knew our moringa blend was an amazing way to enhance everyday foods. We knew we had something great!