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Add Moringa Blend multi-use food powder to your recipes so that you can get healthy while eating the foods you love!

Experience the leading smoothie used in luxury health spas.

Collard Green Smoothie Benefits:

  • 32 oz. Serving / 250 Calories
  • All the minerals, bulk fiber, enzymes, amino acids, plant proteins, vitamins, phyto-nutrients and electrolytes that come from eating raw foods
  • 3 vegetables and 3 fruit servings per 32 ounces
  • A great meal-replacement for quick weight loss
  • Rapid regeneration while processing through an unhealthy habit
  • An affordable, gentle, safe master cleanse and detox formula
  • The best daily maintenance drink on the market

It’s your metabolism!

Struggling with weight loss, exercise, depression, digestion, glycemic and cholesterol levels may be the result of your metabolism. It’s a known health fact that metabolic deficiencies are why the body resist change. Moringa blend takes aim at this health issue with our 7 in 1 super green smoothie. In fact, our solution; 1 scoop with 7 benefits and multiple applications allows you to get healthy your way. Print Recipie >>

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